Cowgirl Chile Co.
Collection des Arrondissements

Inspired by timeless jewelry artifacts.
Arrondissements Collection - Further inspired by our fascination with ancient jewelry
we flew to Paris to study some of the ancient jewelry on display in the Louvre.
This collection was created as I was regarding our trip to visit the fashion capitol of the world. The arrondissements are the sections of the city numbered 1 through 20, circling out from the center of Paris. As I thought about the circling sections I started making rings, and rings within rings, thus the Collection des Arrondissements.

Arrondissements Necklace
Bronze hammered rings, made in our workshop. Simple, elegant.

Model: Jordan Rachel.
Location: Île de la Cité, Paris, France.
Arrondissement Necklace des Billes de Bronze.
Hand made bronze beads decorate this necklace.
Completed with the layering of necklaces, earrings and braceletes,
you will be ready for a night in Paris or wherever you are going to be it!

The absolute center of this collection is Île de la Cité .
The premier piece that captures the feeling of this jewelry experience.

Laura, Designer, Cowgirl Chile Company Jewelry.

Earrings. Choose your style. Loose, tight, swing. It's your choice.

Arrondissment Cuff Bracelet.

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