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New Additions!
We have stocked our shelves with some new products from France. There is Lobster, Crab, Duck Rillettes as well as Confit de Cunard and Nougat de Montélimar!

A spice paste that originates in Northern Africa. A chili pepper paste, stired into soups and used in world reknowned kitchens.

Herbes de Provence
A traditional French seasoning. Used in virtually any great dish. A pleasant composition of herbs and spices.

Butcher's Salt
Great for grilling and any kind of cooking of meats. With proper herbs already mixed with the natural French sea salt, you simply sprinkle your meat, grill and enjoy.

Duck Fat
Extremely healthy. Your fried potatoes will never be better. Can be strained and reused. Economical, healthy. Duck Fat.

Preserved Lemons
The taste of sunshine and summer in a jar. Just use the rind. Toss in salads, pasta, especially with vegetables, any meal. You will taste the difference.

Mustard Pommery
Mustard with a delicate tang and aromatic fragrance. As a direct hit to stand alone items "au amuse bouche" (to amuse your mouth) or added to recipes for the simple pleasure of its texture and taste.

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